Why does Mahomet Parks and Recreation have registration deadlines?
  What is the difference between and parks and recreation department and a park district?  And which is Mahomet?
  I missed the registration deadline, what can I do?
  I want a refund for a program that I've paid for, what is the refund policy?
  I want to rent a facility, how can I reserve the space and how much will it cost?
  Is there a process for coach selection, or can just anybody do it?
  I would like to work for Mahomet Parks and Recreation, what opportunities are available?
  Why are scholarships available for some programs but not all?
  How do you know if you're a resident or non-resident of the Village?
  How can I contact my coach?
  I haven't heard from my coach yet and I signed up a long time ago; I see other kids out practicing.
  Are practices scheduled by Mahomet Parks and Recreation or the coach?
  Can my child play up a grade? I need them to a)because of carpooling, b) so they can play can play with their friends/sibling, c) because they're too good for their age group, etc.
  My child is young for thier grade/ skipped a grade/ is small for their age, can they play down a year?
  Can I request a certain coach/team/buddy pairing? Or I requested to be with a certain coach/team/buddy and you did not honor that, I want you to make the change…
  What is the MPRD Registration Policy?